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A few of our happy clients:

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“HappyWP’s team are stellar professionals with rock-solid development skills and a phenomenal team-oriented attitude. HappyWP delivers high quality code that is on-time, on-scope, and on-budget. In my experience with HappyWP, there was never a challenge they weren’t willing to tackle!”

— Dr. Julie Armstrong
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“HappyWP took us from a bad state to a highly modular and flexible website that we could primarily manage with non-technical resources. When we needed technical chops, or when we wanted to evolve available functionality, HappyWP was always there to problem solve and deliver high-quality solutions quickly. I can’t recommend HappyWP highly enough. You will love working with them!”

— George McLaughlin
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Meet Nathan Parikh- the owner and lead developer here at HappyWP. With 16+ years of experience in WordPress development, he’s a pro at helping companies achieve their online goals. At HappyWP, he’s all about understanding what makes your company special, crafting quality code, and delivering the most exceptional client experiences. He’s not just a developer, though, he’s an advisor who can provide insights on best practices and set you up for long-term success with deep knowledge and experience in the WordPress ecosystem.

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“Nathan is a gifted developer with a strong collaborative streak. Working with HappyWP, I am always impressed with their knack for novel solutions that 1) have great performance on the front end 2) a clean, native user experience in the CMS 3) scale our complex WordPress instances in a manageable way 4) are completed within a reasonable budget. What more could you ask for? HappyWP is awesome and our company has benefited immensely from their time and attention to our website.”

— David Millsaps
Redox Engine

“We have worked together on numerous WordPress website projects to develop functionality that helped our clients add new revenue streams and present a polished, modern image. HappyWP is a great strategic resource that can quickly grasp project goals, advise on the technical approach given the context of the client’s current tech stack, and articulate the pros and cons of various approaches. I can always count on them for depth of knowledge, honest feedback, integrity and high quality work.”

— Kari Kay
Lean Design for Startups

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client metz

“Nathan is a rockstar when it comes to WordPress development. He and his amazing team at HappyWP have exceptional skills and have applied them with full dedication to our website. Their remarkable feats include seamlessly integrating a massive database of 7000+ pages and playing an instrumental role in our successful website redesign (x2) and rebranding. Their talent, professionalism, and ability to overcome challenges are truly exceptional.”

— Susan Metz
Redox Engine

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“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Nathan on many projects varying in scope and size, and the diligent work ethic he brings to the team produces successful results time and time again. He is an extremely talented and skilled programmer, whose problem-solving skills continue to impress and often exceed expectations.”

— Carly Falotico
client sisk

“I also am slightly reluctant to recommend HappyWP – but only because I’d like to keep their services freely available for myself. Since that would be awesomely selfish of me, here goes:
You can’t do better than hiring Nathan and HappyWP. Period. They will do what you hire them to do, for a reasonable price, in an expert manner, and on time. Then, they’ll exceed your expectations.

I recommend their services to any WordPress site owner without reservation or qualification of any kind.”

— Annie Sisk
client brantley

“Nathan, is that rare breed of creative sagacity and business mogul; The kind of professional you hope to work with but never find. His rich insight into UI, UIX and industry trends means that he always has an intuitive touch on the pulse of the web and what the user wants. This is invalueable considering it’s always served with his classic timeliness and can-do attitude.”

— Pierce Brantley