E-commerce Website Accessibility

Serve your customers with disabilities + protect your business from lawsuits with our Website Accessibility plans for e-commerce.

No complicated contracts. Transparent pricing.

We’ve been doing this since 2007. Here’s a few companies we’ve made happy:

✴︎ 80% of all ADA lawsuits

in the US targeted e-commerce websites in 2022.

—Let us handle acessibility for you!

focus on your business without worrying about keeping with new laws.

Benefits of staying compliant

“Nathan is a gifted developer with a strong collaborative streak. Working with HappyWP, I am always impressed with their knack for novel solutions that 1) have great performance on the front end 2) a clean, native user experience in the CMS 3) scale our complex WordPress instances in a manageable way 4) are completed within a reasonable budget. What more could you ask for? HappyWP is awesome and our company has benefited immensely from their time and attention to our website.”

— David Millsaps
Director Brand and Growth Marketing at Redox Engine


Our white-glove approach will take care of you the whole way.

Step 1

Full-site Scan

Step 2

Delivery of Report and Remediation Plan

Step 3

Monthly Remediation Begins

Step 4

Monthly Reporting

“We have worked together on numerous WordPress website projects to develop functionality that helped our clients add new revenue streams and present a polished, modern image. HappyWP is a great strategic resource that can quickly grasp project goals, advise on the technical approach given the context of the client’s current tech stack, and articulate the pros and cons of various approaches. I can always count on them for depth of knowledge, honest feedback, integrity and high quality work.”

— Kari Kay
Lean Design for Startups

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E-commerce Website Accessibility



Should I just build a new website instead of paying for remediation?

Not necessarily. If your website is still effective at driving results for your business and it only needs a few small fixes, then you should probably keep it. On the other hand, if the results of our initial audit show that it would cost more to repair your existing website than to build a new one, then building a new website might be a good idea.

It also comes down to your website’s lifespan, which is typically 3-5 years. So, if your website is already 4 years old, maybe it would be better to explore having HappyWP build you a new, fully accessible website.

How long does accessibility remediation take?

The timeframe for remediation will depend upon the number and type of problems detected in our audit, the theme or framework that your site uses, whether your content team is helping with some fixes, and how many hours you have selected per month in your audit and remediation plan.

The minimum required commitment on our plans (3 months) may be sufficient time to make your website accessible. At that point, you can drop to a monitoring tier or cease work altogether, or you may need to continue beyond the minimum time based on the problems on your website.

In the first month of your plan, following your initial audit, we’ll provide a time estimate until accessible.

What does the onboarding process look like?

After you subscribe, you will receive an email with a link to your customer portal where you can manage your subscription. You will also receive an invite to our project management tool where you can submit help tickets and content tasks.

How do we communicate?

We primarily communicate using our project management platform as well as over email. All Care Plan customers are also alotted 1 Zoom meeting/quarter with our team.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds on our Accessibility packages.

We’ll make your site accessible.

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Meet Nathan Parikh- the owner and lead developer here at HappyWP. With 16+ years of experience in WordPress development, he’s a pro at helping companies acheive their online goals. At HappyWP, he’s all about understanding what makes your company special, crafting quality code, and delivering the most exceptional client experiences. He’s not just a developer, though, he’s an advisor who can provide insights on best practices and set you up for long-term success with deep knowledge and experience in the WordPress ecosystem.